Meet the guides

One of the most important ingredients to a great experience is the guide. ​We are few and also very proud of our professional, warm hearted, fun and skilled guides and instructors.

Our goal is that when you leave Sweden you do so with good memories that will stay with you for life and wanting to come back to meet us again.

Henrik Pernsteiner

Henrik - Founder/CEO
Since I was young I have travelled all over northern Sweden several times. I spend as much time as possible in the outdoors both to explore and recharge my body. I know many nice places to visit that I gladly share.

Micke Boström

Micke - Canoe and kayak instructor
I was born with a paddle in my hand.
I have been canoeing and kayaking my whole life, both on my own and together with others. Sometimes far away in the archipelago and sometimes in rivers and streams small enough some would consider them ditches.

Mikael Blom

Micke - Kayak instructor
I enjoy the open sea. Kayaking have always been a part of my life. Both recreational kayaking but lately I find myself spending more leasure time in my seakayak. To help someone improve their paddling technique is something I really enjoy. 

ABOUT the company

Hiking the North started out in 2017 with a dream of providing not so everyday adventures for everyone. In the beginning it was a one person driven company for many years. As the years passed our network has grown meeting several lovely outdoor enthusisasts along the way. Today we have truly amazing buisness partners and guides we work with on a regular basis.

At the places we visit we minimize our impact on the environment. When leaving a location we make sure the place is in same shape or better compared to when we arrvived. Its a decision we have made to not provide any motorised activities. We only work with companies who take environmental and social responsibility .