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Hiking the North is an outdoor company by the coast of Swedish Lapland. Our activities are arranged starting in Luleå and Älvsbyn.
In northern Sweden you will find some of the countrys most beautiful and remote national parks. There are mountains and an archipelago with over thirteen hundred islands to explore. Its the land of midnight sun and northern lights. Wether you seek recreation in a nice environment or a feeling of adventure we have something to offer. You can also contact us to design your own outdoor holiday.

What we offer


Kayak, fishing, hiking and canoeing adventures
And much more

group events

Our big canoe is a great team activity


A truly invogorating experience

Summer news in focus

  • Seakayaking
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  • Biffen

trip styles

Adventures, company bookings and all-inclusive tours, Hiking the North has something for everyone

Adventure trips

Our adventourus trips are for people who want to challenge themselves and have an extraordinary outdoor experience. On the trips the group functions as a team and everyone participates in everyday chores.

for the company

For companies who want to have a hike-off, a sea-kayak tour in the archipelago to build team spirit, or give the employees an out of the ordinary outdoor experience. Most of Hiking the norths activities can be organized for companies as well.


Our all inclusive trips are great for families or couples who want an outdoor vacation where they can focus completely on the hiking experience. Equipment, food and fees are provided.

Choosing the right trip

To choose the right trip is essential for enjoying your outdoor vacation. I offer inn-based hiking tours, sea-kayak tours, tour skiing tours, basecamp tours and "off the grid" into the backcountry tours. For people who want to challenge themselves and travel deep into the backcountry, I recommend the hiking or tour skiing trips. 

Some persons want to explore the backcountry but without having to carry a heavy backpack, and for those people sea-kayak and shorter inn-based hiking tours is the best. Basecamp tours and longer inn-based tours are multi-day vacations great for families and couples who want to explore an area and do day hikes, or travel along one of northern Swedens many hiking trails.

Small groups

The tours are always small group adventures typically ranging from group sizes at 2-12 persons on a trip. Your experience is always in focus above everything else.

Carefully selected destinations

The tour destinations are selected to represent a diversity of some of the most beautiful and spectacular places in northern Sweden.