Muddus national park winter expedition

Explore Sweden's largest forest national park. We make our way with snowshoes between silver pines, over frozen lakes and snow-covered wetlands.

The destination for this tour is the beautiful national park Muddus. It is located in northern Sweden between Gällivare and Jokkmokk by the Stora Luleälven river. The park is one of Swedens most quiet areas. And it has one of our darkest night skies.

On the way to our destination we take the scenic route 616. You are given an unique opportunity to see large  parts of Swedish Lapland as we drive along the 460 km long river. And we also make a stop at the Arctic Polar Circle to have your picture taken.

Once we are in Muddus a fantastic winter environment opens up as we hike between the national park's cabins. We walk in old-growth forest and visit the parks famous waterfall which plunges 42 meters down a deep ravine.

Even if you are new to snowshoes you can join. The daily distances we walk range from 7-12 kilometer. We walk in an easy going tempo. During our stay it is likely we will see some of the national parks wild animals.

You will be a member of a team. We use pulks for transporting gear. Every team member is expected to transport their own equipment, clothing etcetera. During the expedition we act as a group and help each other with common tasks such as cooking food and collect water. In the evenings we sit by the fire with only stars in the sky as our roof. If we are lucky we might get to expericene the northern lights before we head inside to our cozy beds.

PRICE: From SEK 4990


Experienced guides
Winter equipment
Cabin fee
Meals (breakfast, lunch, dinner)
Pictures from the tour
Pickup/dropoff Luleå

Guests Bring

Separate list will be sent

Location and dates

Muddus national park
4-7 april

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